Our interior floors “mahogany and holly” vinyl floorings are the perfect interior solution to those who want the look and luxury feel of a traditional teak and holly cabin sole, but do not want to pay the ridiculously high cost or worry about its upkeep.

  • Cruisers 560 aft cabin Interior
  • Hampton after Interior
  • Antique and Ivory in galley Interior

Harbor Island and St. Martin are incredibly durable materials that are essentially maintenance-free. Drop some red wine?…wipe it up without a stain. Spill some sunscreen?…wipe it up without oily marks. Dirt, sand, etc?…sweep it up without a trace. One can even drop something as heavy as a dive tank on it without fear!

Get rid of that ugly old stained carpet!

Harbor Island “teak and holly” and St. Martin “mahogany and holly” installed by Yacht Deck….they’re the perfect solution!

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