PVC teak decking is an incredible-looking teak deck alternative that will add luxury and appeal to any boat, however, the biggest pluses are the comparative low cost versus genuine teak decking and the minimal maintenance required for an alternative teak deck.

One simply cleans it as one would a nonskid deck, with a hose or a bucket of warm water and soap (Simple Green works great!). Being a composite PVC material, it is extremely durable and is also stain-resistant: fish blood doesn’t stain, red wine doesn’t stain, BBQ grease comes clean off, etc. Also, as it is UV resistant, the color will not fade, unlike real teak decking which will go a dull pale gray in a few months. it is also an incredibly nonskid material, even more, so than typical painted nonskid or real teak decking.

  • 88 sail alternative
  • Bow Alternative Teak

Please contact your local installer for a complete professional turnkey package, including templating, fabrication, and installation. Or you can send directly to us a template of your own making (see the PDF link below for instructions on making a template), we’ll custom build the deck to match your template, ship the completed deck back to you, and you can glue it in place yourself!

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